Win $100 every time at Craps?

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Win $100 every time at Craps? is a Craps Betting Strategy that is part of our dice advice series. This craps betting strategy is called the Field Press and was submitted by Zach Crowley. This strategy is a field betting progression strategy. On any first win in a sequence you press or parley the win. If you continue to win, you increase your base bet each time with a $5 unit, collecting the rest. Anytime you lose, you back down to a $10 starting bet, and with each continued lose, you chase your lose by going up each time by $5.

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Win $100 every time at Craps?

10 thoughts on “Win $100 every time at Craps?

  1. So for the 2 and 12 hit on the first win. You press the entire thing. Hit the second time you continue the strategy. After the first hit. You get a 2 or 12. You just continue the strategy.

  2. I'm someone that will call the field bet a sucker bet without some type of progression. And yes I'll bet Hardways……………………. but only when they're free. You shouldn't be making hardway bets without having a place bet to back it up when an easy way hits.

  3. I have a book about Blackjack that describes a very similar betting structure. Combined with Hi/low system of card counting its a good strategy for double deck BJ.
    the betting structure is trying to take advantage of predicting a win or loss. Starting- After a loss increase bet 1/3 expecting a win. Another loss…reduce bet 2/3 unitil your at minimum or a win, because your in a losing streak.
    Starting-After a win reduce 1/3 expecting a loss. Another win …increase 2/3 if u lose start over But if you win again your in a win streak increase 1/3 then 2/3 then 1/3 and so on until a loss. Can this structure be used for the field bet in Craps? Now a
    hypothesis is surely there but i would not call this a working Theory just yet.

  4. Great resource to see who has what rules in Vegas..

    Personally I like The D Downtown.. $5 tables with triple 12, 10x odds, and the tables are always busy. Lots of action.

  5. Here's my strategy:
    10 Times Odds or higher: Bet $10 pass and $10 don't pass (use partner if frowned upon). Always keep the pass/don't base bet at $10. When point is made, lay odds on the don't pass.
    Use positive progression on the don't lay odds for successive wins of: $10, $10, $15, $15, $25, $25, $35, $35, $50, $50, $70, $70, $100, $100. Fall back to first $10 (flat odds) on a loss.
    You must adjust the lay odds according to the point to arrive at a "win" according to the positive progression. You're breaking even after 2 consecutive wins, and in the money on 3rd win.
    I wouldn't worry about the "bar 12" (lose pass bet on come out 12), but if you are superstitious, then drop a dollar on the one-roll 12 that pays 30-for-1. You lose that side bet more than win it.

    You're playing very near true odds, and parlaying your profits with house money or minimizing your loss for a hot roll. A nice streak of 7-out rolls will snowball quickly.

  6. I do the same thing on the pass line where it is 2 to 1 on the come out roll then I match odds bet to what ever the pass line bet is when a point is established. If you win a come out with a 7 or 11 then parlay the come out. Do not parlay one unit come out wins. From the initial one unit bet for runs like 2, 7, 12, 11, 7, 3, 11, point, just go up an down one unit for each win and loss. If I win on a come out parlay, I rack half and redo the same parlay. If I win two come out parlays then I consider the second one as a win for the odds bet and then go back to one unit each. If you go up a unit for a crap then point or crap crap point, then that is where you are for both place and odds. If you are on a second parlay place bet and get a point, don’t match the parlayed place bet with the odds. Odds is still at pre parlay level. If you win with the 2nd parlayed place and pre parlayed odds go back to one unit. If repeated parlayed come out wins, you are back to one unit. If point loses with parlayed place and pre parlayed odds, then the original pre parlay place bet & odds will only go up one unit. A safer more conservative technique is to go back to one unit after a two or three unit win. Especially after a 3 unit win on 4 or 10. Try it. Hope this is clear. With a little bigger starting stack you can smooth the ebbs and flows following the same method on one come bet with working odds treated as a separate bet. If you’re feeling lucky, you can add the field and do all three at the same time. This is a real stack builder.

  7. I ran this system on my home table. Ran through 10 games of either I win $100 or lose $300. The system won 7 and lost 3. I use plays that are 90 percent or higher. I think with a little modification, this one can get there. Nice video! Thanks to the designer for submitting it!

  8. I know a guy that hit six 12’s in a row. He hit the Silver Seven Casino pretty good 💪🏻

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