10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Bet Protection for the Iron Cross (Optional)

  1. ALL4SCUBA05
    NICE!!! Just the way the system is supposed to work.
    ROLL ON 👍👍

  2. I dealt craps for 30 years and I have seen this thousands of times. All betting systems eventually go BUST. Before you win what you are risking you will go broke. If there was a way to win with a betting system EVERYONE would do it.

  3. Hey Osvaldo Riva
    I’m working on ordering a mic 🎤 to help those of you who are having trouble hearing me. I’m not a loud speaker to begin with. So please bare with me. Thanks for your comment 😊

  4. When you rolled the 8, you had lost the field as well as the don't pass. But you counted it as a win. But it's all good. Simple mistake but i still learned something

  5. Hello Benjamin
    Glad you’re watching my videos. Well for your comment about rolling the 8. I did lose the Don’t Pass bet and although I called the field Bet as a win I gave that money to the House as a loss. I collected the $14 win for the 8 giving the house $1 and collected $15.
    I appreciate your comments & you viewing my videos…I would appreciate you subscribing to my channel. Thanks again Keep on Rolling 👍👍

  6. What’s Up Steve Di Sano
    Playing the Pass Line & Don’t Pass Line will only cancel each other out. I don’t understand when you say follow the rest. I’m guessing your saying to continue the rest of the place bets & the field betting and that’s what you’re saying then I don’t understand the reasoning for the DP & P Line Bets. But I’m sure you have some idea…and it’s just me not getting it. Maybe further or clearer information will help me understand.
    Appreciate your time to watch my channel and Your comments 👍

  7. Hello Nomad
    Thanks for subscribing to my channel. I appreciate your comments. Thank you for allowing me share with you some of my strategies hope they help you. But like any strategy the table needs to help us along. Minute by minute hour by hour the table changes just got to try to minimize your losses & maximize your wins. 👍

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