Win by Pressing the Most Probable Numbers!

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Win by pressing the most probable numbers of 6 & 8 is todays strategy, called the Trickle Up. This strategy is part of the Dice Advice series where viewers submit their favorites play styles and I test them out. Will this strategy press up the right numbers and hit for a big score?

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Win by Pressing the Most Probable Numbers!

9 thoughts on “Win by Pressing the Most Probable Numbers!

  1. As an alternative, adhere to these tactics.

    Discard the notion of concentrating on the increasing of law- of- average Favorites, “round numbers” and other Bet Beautification projects, sister presses, “town” and “tier” presses, regresses, and every other extravagant schema.

    Instead, try to constrain guessing of every kind: half press ONLY the inside number that hits. Do NOT distribute gains—pyramid the bet that’s earned the energy—but double the Four & Ten ALWAYS.

    Let the dice do the deciding.
    Do not attempt to guess when the killer seven will show.

    Use active Stop Loss tactics—described elsewhere—to take money off the table. These, and the occasional parachute 🪂 Rescue, for a rare invoking of prop bets.

  2. Wow! You had a nice run there hitting a few points in a row like you were a sniper! Looks like you found the ultimate dice set to be able to keep hitting those points!

  3. The math works out nicely when you hit 4/5 or 9/10 two times before you hit the 6 or 8. $18 + $6 + $6 brings you up to $30, which 1 hit of 6/8 you’re at $60. Second hit you cover your bet.

  4. Question on Color Up Club membership. Dumb question , but are there terms for colorup Membership? I only ask because I don't see options to cancel membership. Not that I would. But whenever I sign up for something, I like to see what it takes to cancel membership before I sign up.

  5. Maybe I’m being too symmetrical, but if I kept pounding either the five or the nine, my inclination would be to spread it out evenly over the sixth and the eighth. Thoughts?

  6. I keep seeing crap strategies where you wait for a 7 to be rolled and then you "place" bets. As if there's less chance a 7 will be rolled just because a 7 was just rolled.
    Aw, the odds don't change. There are 6 ways to make a 7 and 30 ways to make 2-6 thru 8-12.
    Previous rolls have no bearing (or influence) on future rolls.
    These strategies are just nonsense.

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