5 Chip Tips for Newer Craps Players

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Top 5 Chip Tips that i give to New Craps Players. Helps to teach players to manage and control not only their chips, but have a smoother and more flowing dice session!! (Which hopefully leads to more Positive Energy & Big Winnings for All at the table!!!) 🙂

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• Guest Dealer / Model: Cali-Rose

• Chip Tricks: Rich Ferguson

Music: Cheap Trick (I want you to want me)

Special Shout Outs to:
• CEG Dealer School (Casino Gaming Education)

• Hawaii Craps Shooters & Craps Nation

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5 Chip Tips for Newer Craps Players

10 thoughts on “5 Chip Tips for Newer Craps Players

  1. Great video Ted,, love how you can toss those chips and have them stick. I definitely need to practice that. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  2. Great Tips Ted. I tried to protect my chips with the whites but the railbirds I deal with just steal my whole rack including the whites. LOL

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