Analyzing the pass bet in craps

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The rules and how to calculate the odds on the pass bet and don’t pass bets in craps. For more information about craps, please visit my Wizard of Odds craps page at

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Analyzing the pass bet in craps

6 thoughts on “Analyzing the pass bet in craps

  1. Thanks for walking thru the math, very informative…Also I've seen all your craps videos, highly recommend, they are great!

  2. Thanks for the video. Interesting numbers. Although there are some numbers in Craps that I've never understood. Why is it that the house edge for the Don't Pass/Don't Come & Taking Full Odds (presuming X6 free odds) different from table to table? For example, the house edge for Don't Pass&Taking full odds on a 3x4x5x table is 0.273%. While the edge on a 5x table is 0.227%. Shouldn't the house edges be the same since you are making the same bet at each table?(Don't Pass/6x free odds) Thanks.♤♡◇♧ 🎲🎲♠️♥️♦️♣️🀄

  3. Whats happens when u hedge the 11 and lay the 4 on the dont pass line come out roll does that increase the probablity

  4. Michael, Please explain, or show the formula for the math, of how “the average number of rolls needed to resolve a pass line bet is 8.5255”.

  5. Something you didn’t cover, and I would love to see in an updated video is showing the probability and return for betting both ways at the same time! … Would like your thoughts on if this is the best way to get the lowest return (house edge) to create a new startup After the point, to establish making free odds bets (either for, or against the point), and then establishing other free odds bets, by going through the Come, and Don’t Come at the same time, then take odds on those new numbers that get established? …. What I normally do is start establishing 2 push numbers, and then have the odds bets work, because I want a minimum of the same amount of combinations, OR MORE working for the player, compared to the 6 ways of losing with the seven. The only thing I have at risk (because I have beaten the 12) now, is the true free odds bets. Everything else is a push!

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