Pot Control Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Hold em Poker Cash Game Coaching

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Video Description
In this video, I discuss what pot control is in No-Limit Texas Hold’em. I teach why pot control is important, and when to use pot control to increase your overall poker winnings.

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Pot Control Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Hold em Poker Cash Game Coaching

10 thoughts on “Pot Control Lesson – Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Hold em Poker Cash Game Coaching

  1. even on j 7 3 borad you can check back. If you bet he has air hes most of hte time just folding checking back gives him a chance to bluff and also maybe 10 rolls off and he hits a pair. To be honest even against a passive player if yo ubet and he raises you still have to call the flop you can't bet fold with the k kicker your hand can still improve and he could be raising like qj thinking its good. Some passive players crank it up if they hit top pair even with a weak kicker. But everything else they play very passively. Plyaers think aggression wins well tom dwan, phil ivey, viktor blom and phil galfond i belive are all losing players over the last 2 years. Guys like jungleman is winning and he actually plays a lot of his hands very tricky and passively knowing these guys will barrel any back door card and try to rep it with big river bet and he lets them barrel off there money. I believe aggression is overrated but does need to be used at times.

  2. People don't realize it's a thin line between the concepts "pot control" and "missing maximum value"

    So many guys out there check back flops because they fear getting check raised. It makes sense vs guys who check raise a tonne of flops, but in reality people check back flops vs players they should be betting against, resulting in non optimal profit. It takes a good amount of history and a good HUD to check back pairs on flops in heads up spots. For multiway hands it's obviously very different

    I completely disagree with checking back KJ op 89J heads up unless there is very strong evidence of villain check raising a very crazy amount. Basically there are zero 1 pair hands that villain can have to have you beat, because AJ probably reraises from the BB and all other better hands are 2 pair + (J9,89, and some Tx combos)

    Also players who check raise a crazy amount of flops, typically only check raise dry boards like 2 6 T instead of this draw heavy board. No competent players attack this kind of drawheavy boards OOP with no piece of it because they know you are not cbetting this flop with complete air, making it unlikely you will fold on the flop to a c/r

    I find the KJ example a very easy bet/fold spot. Not betting flop results in minimal profit and you are also giving away a badload of equity vs Tx and middle pairs

  3. What website do you recommend playing poker on? I play full tilt at the moment. Just wondering your perspective.

  4. For the first example, Kc Js w 8h 9h Jc flop.
    It is important to take note of the hearts.

    What are the possible turns?

    any A, Q, T, 7 – uncomfortable for obvious reasons (even more so if a heart)

    any 8 or 9, or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of hearts – uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, and hence stack threatening

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, non-hearts – these may be good turns, but they may also be bad because you may already be beat, and now you will have a reason to continue even if you are drawing dead, and small pairs are probably calling in the BB so another, more remote consideration has come into play

    and, any K and, any J (in particular J or K of hearts) – obviously stack threatening

    So the situation is Top Pair, No Draw, and almost every turn is uncomfortable.

    So, pot control? sure why not? I get it.
    But, there is also a good argument for taking a stab at it to try to just take it down before any ugly cards hit.
    But, like any good poker decision, this spot is more about how you think your opponent is playing, and if it is tournament, what is the risk vs reward, not just for your own stack, but your opponents stack as well.

  5. the way you're speak sounds like you're reading an essay rather than speaking from what you know.

  6. This is a great video. I've been getting crushed with my top pair top kicker. I'm building up huge pots and losing to crappy 2 pairs.

  7. This is a good video. For more help you should read Jonathan Little's Excelling at no-limit hold'em. The chapter on value betting versus pot control.

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