10 thoughts on “Armenti’s Hedge To Invest Craps With Doey Don’t Lay Hedge

  1. When the point is 4 or 10 don't place ten bucks… Put the odds behind. Its the same 10 dollar bet but instead of just getting 18 buck you will get 30. It also works for the 5 and 9. and a little less for the 6 and 8. So odds on the point do not place

  2. Another interesting system. My only concern is grabbing the attention of the table supervisor and pissing off the dealers with a lot of extra work. I’d be worried of the backing you off since the house doesn’t have a lot of incentive with this. What about going to original version and hopping 7’s for $15 and a Yo for $5 ? Granted you’re spending $20 additional, but hedges the big come out loss. Anyways, thanks for the video and keep the strategies coming.

  3. I was recommended by Vince to check you out. This here is damn near pure unadulterated genius!!! The stop loss is ridiculously simple! If you have a bad table/shooters your only down between 1%-5% of your bankroll as opposed to 15%+. If you’re ever in Vegas, I owe you a meal after my first profitable run!

  4. Uncle…at 13 min into video you had a 10 as a point and DC was a 4, you had 2 units across. The point of ten hit. You paid yourself $19 at 9:5 odds. However you cheated yourself True Odds of 2:1 on the point of ten. Just make that $10 bet on your Doey don't do side odds and you get $20 instead of $18. Tell Auntie i said hello and ill be over for spaghetti and meatballs this Sunday night.

  5. Uncle Angelo this is a great video. I understand the whole video. I understand why you lay odds on the DP. I just dont know how to determine what my lay odds should be. Can you give me a brief explanation of the lay odds… how much i should bet and why?
    Keep up the great work Uncle Angelo!

  6. I like the system, but most of the win came from the 4 craps on the DC come out roll, which was way out of the norm. But it's a nice little grinding system. I'd like to see you tinker with this system, add a different hedge or something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9o4JHbHaTs

  7. You've turned a PSO Point Seven Out into a winner, and turned a Buckshot winner into a loser… It don't get any better than this. Thanks Uncle Angleo!

  8. I don't like this AT ALL. I just got home from the casino btw. But what I don't like here is plan on having at least a $2500 bankroll. I bet similar to this but much smaller amounts for obvious reasons. Here's what is likely to happen over the course of 6 hours, you will get banged on that 12 at least 2 times probably more like 3 times, say 2 times that's $100; then you are likely to get banged at least 2 times on the 4 or 10 being bucked right back. But I would say closer to 3 times but we'll call it 2 times for arguments sake so that's $400.Lay odds on the 5 or 9 will likely get banged easily 3 times so if you're laying $150 that's $450 alone. The 6 and 8 will likely be repeated (bucked) right back I have no idea, but it will be A LOT! Plan on having to recover with your DC $100 wagers at least $950 and more when those 6's and 8's get banged for $120 each time. You are putting your DC's that are established into a complete hedge by placing them with place betting on OTHER numbers too Therefore they are not helping recover the times you get bucked right back! You are putting up elephants to win peanuts on your place bets. Aside from this: At 7:22 you didn't remove your lay odds on the Don't Pass after a craps rolled so technically you gave the shooter another shot at banging those odds off. I would never play this way. Needs work but I'm not sure what…

  9. Doey Don't, To protect your $50 passline against rolling a 12 on come-out, put $2 on the Horn Midnight, it pays 30:1 or $60 if the 12 rolls on come-out.

  10. Uncle Angelo, what do you think of this system. https://youtu.be/R9o4JHbHaTs

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