Bubble Craps Machine Strategy

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Bubble Craps Machine Strategy is part of the Dice Advice series here on Color Up. This submitted strategy is called the Place Hedge. It is a 10 unit Don’t Pass bet with an 10unit across place bet. The strategy also utilizes the field bet as well as a craps hardways bet depending on the point. The don’t pass bet is hedged by hopping the sevens for $3 each. Thank you to Richard Shavor for the submission.

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Bubble Craps Machine Strategy

10 thoughts on “Bubble Craps Machine Strategy

  1. I love your videos, however you can not win with this stratagy, why, your allways going to off set one or the other bets. One bet looses all the time…………it is a bad stratagy, please show us how you can win with this stratagy?

  2. Why do field and hard? Why do you have to have 10 units? Makes not sense at all. Also $9 on hops is a clear waste. I really don't like the strategy, sorry.

  3. I typically only buy in for $200.00 but just once, I’d like to buy in for more to try some of these other strategies. My husband would die if I did that tho. That’s why we don’t play together. Lol.

  4. I love your videos. This is very similar to the Iron Crapper strategy you posted more recently. I programmed both strategies through a craps simulator (WinCraps) and, unfortunately, I get a winning session of less than 10%. I start with $500 and stop when I reach $1000 or $0.

    Keep showing us different strategies! 🙂 I love programming the simulator to see how well they do. I know there's no such thing as a "system," but it's still fun trying to see if one works better than another.

  5. What numbers are you hopping? And if the table doesn't offer hop bets do you go any 7?

  6. I feel like this strat would work a little better using the Pass Line with an any craps bet vs. the No Pass. It seems like the risk/reward of the no pass doesn't balance enough even when it does play out.

  7. One way I thought of communicating is saying “two units on the no field numbers”

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