Bubble Craps tracker app used as a remote for DIY table layout Concept 2

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Bubble Craps tracker app used as a remote for DIY table layout Concept 2

7 thoughts on “Bubble Craps tracker app used as a remote for DIY table layout Concept 2

  1. Looks cool. Have u played bubble craps at the casino? What is the most u have won playing craps. Love the vids.

  2. Looking forward to your new strategies!

    I’m impressed with your use of technology. One of the things I struggle with in making videos is the camera angles. You’ve found a solution that allows betting and rolling with a single camera. Brilliant!

  3. Ha vince why dont you post your table build-out a lot of people like to build tables would be very interesting to see

  4. Vince Hope you are documenting your table build! Like what you described with a light table. Seems like it may be easy to bring out and put away for those of us who don't have space to keep a table up. ( or a spouse who doesn't want one up). Keep up the great work. Add me and stack up has meant my last four trips have been up at some point! I am sure at some point the dice will just not be good until the bank roll is done. But for now this seems to be a very solid strategy – even with some low bank start with an iron cross plan.

  5. Wish I can make the App work on my Samsung Note 9, even the folks that created the app tried, lol….. everything still over laps.. wont fit to my screen, no matter how we reset the font default…..

  6. Hey Vince, long time no talk, I see you re-did all your vids. Where's the original Hedge2Invest parts 1-3? Those were my favorite! Also, while watching this one I notice that when you entered the 6 (3-3) that it also reset the numbers on the board that were previously hit, they were all yellow and all got reset to white and even the SIX did not turn yellow even though it was just rolled. Interesting, not sure why they went with that method. It makes sense to reset the Make Em All section, but I'm not so sure about resetting the rest of the board on that roll. Something to think about…

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