10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — $130 Inside Strategy (Session1of 3) Getting Aggressive

  1. Another good video. Didnt break in my shirt at the tables yet was still battling my cold alittle. Next week should be better

  2. Howzit Lester b
    I was wondering why I didn’t see any comments from you in a few days. So taking a flu shot didn’t stop you from getting a cold. Well you take care and get better. There’s always another day to hit the Tables.
    Nice to hear from you👍👍

  3. Great video. Just to let you know you actually got caught three times on the 7 and you lost $100 more on the last roll. Check the video.

  4. Hello levkin
    I actually thought I lost $32 but I did lose $100 more cause I only gave $30 back to the house on my last 7 out
    and should have given $130….oh well still not too bad. Session 2 will probably be posted Friday 🤔🤔
    Thanks for your comment 👍👍

  5. Howzit Die Harder
    Your right I actually lost $100 more thinking I give $130 to the house but was only $30.
    But I actually only got caught 2 times on the come out. Wen you thought I got caught on the 3rd time my point
    was actually a point of 5 but forgot to Mark it and I kept rolling and when the 7 came you thought it was a come out
    roll cause the button was in the off position. But it shows me that your paying attention to what’s going on
    in the video.
    Thanks for your comments and please subscribe if you haven’t already 👍👍

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