Casino Craps, The Mathematics.

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What are the odds? What are the best bets? This is the first in a series, which includes how to play, inside tips, systems, and where to play.

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Casino Craps, The Mathematics.

10 thoughts on “Casino Craps, The Mathematics.

  1. Jim, thanks for the video.  I've seen so many systems and the casino's LOVE it when people think they have a system that doesn't take mathematics into account.  Keep up the good work.

  2. dontswin…u are an guy. probably passed algebra and calculus with a C. In 96 rolls, there will on average be 16 rolls of a seven and 13 1/3 rolls of 6 or 8, which is the same ratio as 6 to 5. Moron! You can't round and then proclaim you've broken the game wide open! guy!

    plymouthpatriot…u are also an guy. Selective thinking. He was reversing the dice to show every single outcome. If you reverse the dice for 1-1 then you reverse the dice for every single combo, thereby doubling the count but it still comes out 1/36 rolls on average produces a 2 and 1/36 rolls on average produces a 12 . guy!

    Can we keep the remedial math students from commenting please! Stick to shrimping or driving a truck…

  3. the best bet in the casino is play the don't pass. Its the only bet in the casino where you can get the odds in your favor after the come out roll. DON"T LAY ODDS. your giving the odds back to the house.

  4. I've dealt dice for over 20 yrs, and this is basic knowledge that any dealer worth their tips will tell you at the table should you say….

    'Hi, I've never played craps before… How does this work?'

  5. I'll give you the short version NO MATTER what bet you make the house has the edge period……and don't tell me the odds bet because that is a sub catogorie of a prior bet where the house had the edge

  6. Is there a particular book they give all dealers (& pit bosses) that covers all the math for all the games in a casino?

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