Craps Strategy – Use Dice Control To…..

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Craps Strategy – Use Dice Control To…..
Avoid obstacles and make money on a crowded Table. CK Dangerous Arm Craps, Using the super grip up close view of the dice action. This is a high level shot that you definitely can do with Practice. You never know what will happen at a Craps table, so you have to be ready with multiple ways to Throw the dice. Craps Strategy

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Craps Strategy – Use Dice Control To…..

4 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Use Dice Control To…..

  1. A short video gang.
    This shot Should should not should not be taken lightly or overlooked… At some point on the craps table you'll find yourself needing this shot to avoid all the chips with a crowded table. We are using the supergroup with a claw shooting into a corner and kicking it out around traffic.
    You never know what conditions your run into with a craps table so this is a shot that should not be overlooked gang trust ….me let it sit in for awhile this is an incredible shot you want to get down.
    Thanks for viewing guys
    Keep Rollin
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. K I do apologize about the video being choppy with the the point system and all that but I'll be back later on to shoot another video much clearer .
    It was 2 points hit on the 8..
    Put this one in your tool bag gang you never know when you will need this shot and trust me there's going to be times when you're going to need it.
    CK Dangerous Arm

  3. I've been following you and BT for a little while now. I downloaded a course, learned a lot of detail, built a practice rig and have been practicing for the better part of a month. Last night I had my first field test in Pittsburgh (yes…They have a casino here…) I was able to use what I learned to make money for everyone at the table, including myself. My best session was about 25-30 rolls, made 3 points towards the fire bet before 7-out. I found your videos very helpful, especially the ones showing that you need to practice trowing around stacks of chips. I learned that my practice rig has the correct amount of bounce to mimic a real table, at lease it matched this one…I was able to get into a Zen state of mind and by session #3, the table would get very quiet when I was about to shoot.

    I was hitting the back wall so none of the crew gave me grief about setting my dice and shooting in a style that they should all recognize. If they don't, they haven't been paying attention. Had fun, made a bit of money, but missed the fire bet twice…that would have been nice…

    Keep the videos coming.

  4. nice video bro, do you recommend the all 7 set with this grip? and is 150 enough capital for a hit and run at the casino? and how many rolls before taking them down before a 7 hits?

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