Coldest Craps Table in Colorado! Live Play Part 3

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Here we are at the casino. Weather updates playing on every television, warning us of the winter storm that was moving into the area. This craps table was just a little ahead of that storm!

Here is part 3 of our live play at the Century Casino in Central City, CO. This segment may not have been kind to the players, but the management and dealers at Century were very good to all of us. Sometimes the table is just COLD!

Let me know if you were betting along and if you were able to make some money!

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Coldest Craps Table in Colorado!  Live Play Part 3

10 thoughts on “Coldest Craps Table in Colorado! Live Play Part 3

  1. you would think with all them "dice controllers" on the table you would clean house, not get cleaned out

  2. Holy crap, the first 4 rolls I would have made a killing! This is exactly the kind of game I like

  3. I don't know if I'd say it was the coldest table I've ever seen, but it was certainly on the chilly side! My Pass/Come system would have lost $535 if I stayed until the end. I say that because I think before the end of the video I would have had the idea that maybe it's time to go play some Blackjack!

  4. Normal random with some trending numbers. My system is geared for that and would have won. Many lose because they are brainwashed into NOT believing in trends.

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