Online Poker Strategy – Viewer’s Hand Review 200nl

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Looking at some hands sent in by one of the viewers.

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Online Poker Strategy – Viewer’s Hand Review 200nl

9 thoughts on “Online Poker Strategy – Viewer’s Hand Review 200nl

  1. QQ: probably just fold turn is better
    AdTc: spew vs population. betting is probably good vs showdown heavy IP range.
    ThJh: checking flop makes sense because we connect with cards likely to get double-stabbed and avoid building a huge pot with potentially dominated draw. Theory has a lot of bet sizings on the river but I think going medium induces the most panic bluffs like the one we see here.
    8s9s: just obscenely annoying combo to have vs dipbad population in this spot losing to As5s, QT, AJ
    AA: bad sizings, really lame river, not much can be done though.
    As for the half pot thing, when you PIO something with like 33%/66% and it mixes combos between the two typically that means in effect that any sizing along that gradient has the same EV. I think half pot is going to lead to some weirdness and mergeyness but it does have the value of obscuring your strategy.

  2. the last hand when he realizes this whole video analisys makes no sense when vilain can flat a 3bet and float the flop with A7o in a 3 way spot

  3. Last hand was interesting because it’s a funny spot to run into

    we get bet into on river rly small and think “we have to defend this hand in MDF, but how can he even have any bluffs here? Do we exploitofold? But then again the Spaz factor increases the EV of a call so much”

    I usually just MDF these spots at 50nL – it can never be too bad but I don’t know pop spaz tendencies as well as you lmao. Being able to estimate population’s spaz combos and incorporate that into our defence calculations is a skill 😂😂

  4. Do you trust ignition? I’ve heard so many mixed reviews? so if you could do a PT4 setup with ignition video that would be really helpful!

  5. Hey Skuz, Hope you will be able to help mate. I have downloaded Poker Tracker 4 but it does not track Zone Poker? it only grabs the data from cash games. I have downloaded the hand grabber but I'm stuck. if you could provide any help that would be great.

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