craps 101-lecture 8-six eight strategy (part I)

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This video continues Dr. Skaff’s lecture on playing craps with two players from his class. This is part I of a two part lecture on playing a 6-8 strategy.

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craps 101-lecture 8-six eight strategy (part I)

7 thoughts on “craps 101-lecture 8-six eight strategy (part I)

  1. it would seem a better risk to place odds on the 8 rather than place bet the 6: doing both seems a good choice, but i hear what you're saying about having xxx amount of money at risk. thanks for the video

  2. Is it at absolute rule that place bets on 6 and 8 must be in multiples of 6? You couldn't bet 5 dollars (at a 5 dollar minimum table)?

  3. @patrckhh20 yes, even a $5 table requires a $6 bet, you could bet $7-11 but the payout gets all screwed up so you keep it simple with $6 bets so you come out even because your payout is $7 for every $6 you bet. A $10 game would require a $12 bet on either the 6 or 8.

  4. I thought the whole purpose of craps was to make money……..then get the heck out of the casino.

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