CRAPS $200 Betting Strategy | KING DICE Demonstrating Multiple Strategies (Finding the Best One)

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CRAPS $200 Betting Strategy | KING DICE Demonstrating Multiple Strategies (Finding the Best One)

We review how to play our best craps game with only $200 and how to adjust as you play.


Today we do $5 Across with a power press on the first hit as well as some other options as we play.

▬ Time Table – ShortCuts to the Good Stuff ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

00:00 What up What Up
02:30 Start Shooting
04:25 Six Is
08:00 Shot Count
10:10 Danger Zone
11:13 Ten Is
14:10 Money Management
15:45 Down But Not Out
16:45 Six Is Again
18:20 Know Your Dominants
20:00 Believe in Yourself (Do as I say)
20:35 What Did I leave on the Table?
21:35 Eight Is
26:36 2 Options
27:10 Spinning em Hard
28:45 THE #1 Problem W/ Craps
32:00 Checking in w/ the Crew
34:00 Starting Again
34:45 Five is
38:05 Like a Baller
39:45 Couple of Options
41:25 Where we at & Where could we have been?
43:30 Comments

$5 across with a power press style.

Knowing my Dominant throws allowed me to get in on some bit hits, but did I use them to their full advantage?

Remember, If You Can’t Shoot – You Can’t Win

Here I’m demonstrating how to properly bet and control your bankroll while also paying attention to your pitch count and controlling your throw. Don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else! Don’t go on tilt, know your strengths and maintain discipline to make sure you walk out a winner.

▬ 7 “HardWay TakeAways” ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

1) Come to the Table with A Plan
2) Know Your Shot Count
3) Be Aware of the Danger Zone
4) Money Management is Key
5) Keep an Eye on What You’ve Got On the Table
6) What’s the Number 1 Problem w/ Craps? (Go Rewatch it)


KING DICE is a passionate controlled shooter who, once introduced to the wonderful world of Controlled Shooting & Dice Influence, decided to share as much knowledge and information on the subjects as possible. Starting out, KD found that it was not easy to find information on the game of craps in general, but specifically the exciting prospect of Dice Control and Controlled Shooting. King Dice then took it upon himself to introduce his own techniques as well as share his journey into the world of Dice Influence which is what has brought us this channel today.

KINGDICE TECHNOLOGY is the affectionate term we use for techniques and ideas we discuss on the channel and you can often hear us or our viewers use this term when speaking about Dice Control, Dice Setting, Betting or Dice Influence.

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Thank you for checking out our video or visiting our channel! Our main purposes for this channel are to teach how to play the game of craps, and introduce you to the key concepts of Dice Control, Setting & Influence.

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CRAPS $200 Betting Strategy | KING DICE Demonstrating Multiple Strategies (Finding the Best One)

6 thoughts on “CRAPS $200 Betting Strategy | KING DICE Demonstrating Multiple Strategies (Finding the Best One)

  1. Having trouble with individual dice over rotating suggestions ? (Typically using two fingers up front and thumb in back ) also getting off axis rotation on occasionally

  2. I have 2 practice sessions a day. The first is my throw. The second is my betting, I am still developing my rules but I have noticed that if I break my rules I regret it more often than not.

  3. I have been using this type of betting approach. My only difference is when I hit a number, I spread the winnings over the 6 & 8 with my first hit, then on the second I press the 5 & 9. On my 3rd hit I press across the inside, and on the 4th I take it down to the table minimum. If I haven’t hit the 4 or 10 I pull those off and continue. I pay attention to my pitch count and once I am there I turn off my bets and shoot for the point. If I am at my pitch count or near, regardless of how many score hits I turn off my bets. Using this method I have had 8 winning sessions in a row.

  4. Hey, have you heard about no dice setting in Vegas and the dice being a little damp from the dealer cleaning the dice? Can you keep me up dated with what’s going on in Vegas now for dice setting …

  5. You’re throwing way too many 7s. The hard way set is the best set to avoid the 7. It’s not working for you. You either need to figure out what is wrong with your throw or adjust to another dice set. You might as well just shake the dice in your hand and throw randomly. You are getting the same result. There’s no need to waste everyone’s time on the table while you dice set if you continuously on average roll 7s every 6 rolls. If I was on your table, I’d pull all my money down when it was your turn to roll.

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