I Call 6-Bet All In And Have Opponent Absolutely Crushed!! Poker Vlog Ep 160

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I Call 6-Bet All In And Have Opponent Absolutely Crushed!! Poker Vlog Ep 160

10 thoughts on “I Call 6-Bet All In And Have Opponent Absolutely Crushed!! Poker Vlog Ep 160

  1. Whoa, whoa, language. “Pretty rough” after a fan hits a 3 outer….c’mon it’s a family show!

  2. Hey Brad big fan had alot of family stuff last tym you and Andrew UK hopefully went all ths covid stuff is is gone yous can come again or even EUROPE a would come to meet yous a watch you from ep 1 good luck on the felt your massive fan deano btw if you could hit me private on Instagram (deano7153) got poker related questions thanks again d

  3. At 18:34 in the video, all I could think of was that his opponent was going to turn over J8 again….. hahaha

  4. @Brad Owen …. " that's PRETTY ROUGH!!!!…" @@@@@@@@ 🙂 . You have been on a L streak…soooooooo. "Get your BRADLEY DOLLAS" HERE!!!
    A smart man learns from his mistakes. A Genius learns from the mistakes of others'…..The end shot they should have CHUGGED their beers! LOL. It won't be long, you'll be back on the W Streak!

  5. I feel like nobody I watch has been running well lately. Hope your luck improves and I hope you win some money!

  6. Good that you are so honest when you are tilting and reminding US NOT TO DO IT.

  7. Lmao you're showing how my hands been running for the past 2 years… I quit playing because losing like that takes all the fun away. And trust me comes to a point you lose your cool. Last cash game I played was 2/5 I had AA being 2nd to act. First to act raised it to 20, I re-raised to 50 and some little bad called with 4-Q off suit and called the flop of $150 and turn of $300 for a loveing gutter and hit a 2-6 straight… $900 lost to Q-4, I called him a few things I still don't regret.

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