4 thoughts on “Craps Betting System – Part 1

  1. That betting system is called the Iron Cross and it is a bad strategy just like every other system … ya u made money but you lost sight of the fact that it was a really really good and lucky roll …. had u just placed 10 dollars across the board and not bet the field you would have made substantially more money and would have began the roll only +3 of your orignal investment .. not to mention if you really knew how to play and pressed your bets you would have made a tonn

  2. bottom line, there is always going to be more ways to roll a seven than any other number which means the odds are always against you … Hedging your bet only reduces the amount of profit you make and is a horrible gameplan for any game ( thats why they say never take insurance in blackjack) … You are betting against yourself!

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