Craps Dice Control: THEORY for All 7’s set

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In this video we show some throws using the all 7s set.
Ep 5 We also give the theory behind using the all 7s set after the come out roll. Craps Betting Strategy, Craps Dice Sets Game Control. With a Dice controlled throw one could definitely use this set to make money in the casinos. I don’t advise anyone to use. I do because it does work for me, and I have over 30k documented rolls and software to narrow things down to some really silly math.
We know wht sets, grip, swing, no swing etc. Works.
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Please watch: “Craps Dice Control Ep 160”


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Craps Dice Control: THEORY for All 7’s set

10 thoughts on “Craps Dice Control: THEORY for All 7’s set

  1. Great stuff. Learned a few things. You, Matador, and Full Press are inspirations to me, and I aim to emulate what you guys do. I am a sceptic in all things, but after struggling to get started and getting my feet under me, I've seen the dice do what you guys do with it. I can confirm it is real, and the math says so. You can't argue with math!

    You should do a video describing all the sets you use, and explain when/why you use them. That'd be interesting to see.

  2. Putting your dice that you are throwing in the video on the left side of the video close u, and the video camera placed a lot closer to the end of your crap table really helps your viewer understand what are doing. What really helps in this video is seeing how both of your dice land. Keep this camera angle !

  3. You must be a wrong bettor. What other reason would you want a 7 after a point is established ,if you were betting the pass line you'd lose? Unless of course you were hopping the 7's, then you'd get 15 to 1 on any one of them. There are plenty of sets you can use to have a 7 show without 7's all the way around. The casinos use those other sets all the time yet not many people really recognize them. They use those sets when they want to clear the board of all the chips. They do at least attempt to do this, all the stickmen know about them. If you think stickmen can't have some sort of control over the dice(on occasion) then you might as well hang up your casino chips for good. It all depends how the shooter handles them after the stickman of course.

  4. Great point! thanks Mr. D A! Your good!!!Always a good thing to see the proof inTHEE presentation and throw.Encouraging challenge from you that takes guts.And to see the Bone thrower comment, whom,
    I saw also throw the all 7's with a fast pitch approach against the bowl of the table would be my advice for practicing this dangerous set. However! it works for you, and thats what counts.
    great success I wish for all who have the dice in their hands.

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