craps don’t pass line

Craps Tips Video Source: basic “How Blackjack Works” instructional video of one of the best gambling choices, including house advantage, basic strategy and expected return.

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craps don’t pass line

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  5. On the come out roll a pass line bet wins on 7 and 11, loses on 2,3,and 12. For don't pass you lose on 7 and 11, and think u would win on 2,3,12, but I've seen casinos where u only win on 2 and 12.

  6. I like to play the don't pass. Here in maryland,table minimum are 15$, even on weekdays. What I do is hedge the come out roll with 4$ on any7 and 1$ yo, if a 12 comes I lose 5$, but that happens rare enough to not bother. If point is 4 or 10 I lay 30$ odds, 5 or 9 I lay 24$ odds and 6 or 8 I lay 18$ odds. If point is 4 6 8 10 I put either a 5-10 hardway bet just incase point is hit with a hardway, doesnt always work but sometimes it's helps. Once point is established and I have my odds out I do a 15$ don't come bet with a 1$ yo. If my don't come travels I then do the same odds as I do on the don't pass. If my don't come is 4 6 8 10 I try to hedge it with a hardway. Best case scenario, don't pass with odds, two don't come bets and shooter sevens out.

  7. I like to play the dark side at my local casino because nobody seems get hot….My question is, when I bet the don't pass, I usually lay the max odds when the point is established, but I just realized that the better bet is to just bet more on the don't pass, and don't lay any odds at all…..right? Risk what I would normally have on the don't pass with odds on just the don't pass.

  8. Many years ago, I used to occasionally go on casino cruise ships down in south Florida.  I remember hearing occasional stupid comments and jeering at the craps tables.  I've always played the Don't, because I did the math.  But, playing the Don't Pass on an extremely crowded gambling cruise would get tense sometimes.  I recall on one occasion when I was betting a lot, a guy threw his dice deliberately at my stack of chips and knocked them over.  And NO ONE placed a chip down on the felt while I was rolling!  What a bunch of lemmings!

  9. I do agree with you in betting the Don't Pass line and waiting for the seven to be rolled!! However if the shooter hits there point, don't place any bets until that shooter sevens out!! It is a slower way to win but it is worth it in the long run!!

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