400NL Hold’em Cash Game Strategy | Live Poker Session

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Lead Instructor Evan from Gripsed.com fires up 4 tables of mid-stakes no limit hold’em and discusses his strategies for each decision. In this video the buyins are $400, the money is real, and the action is juicy. Enjoy the mix of entertainment and education.


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400NL Hold’em Cash Game Strategy | Live Poker Session

10 thoughts on “400NL Hold’em Cash Game Strategy | Live Poker Session

  1. In the deuces hand how did he calculate that he needs to make at least 240 for him to call the extra 28$? (Upper right table at around 20 minutes)

  2. You use a software to register(record) how play the other players small players cheaters

  3. I appreciate your work/instruction.  I only play live, so it is more difficult to figure what types of players I am sitting with.  Any ideas?

  4. With the a3 bottom pair hand how do you decide between protecting your pair of threes and bluff catching and giving him more free cards?

  5. i think there is something really wrong with zoom poker…i am a winner at 25nl 50nl 100nlv 200nl 6max 9tables multitabling …when i play zoom i am suffering the most crazy bad beats ever …

  6. Using yes or no, can you think of any situations in which pocket aces should be folded preflop?

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