7 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Pressing up the $44 Inside (classes available)

  1. Thanks for the great videos? Will you be going to the golden arm craps tourney at the Cal?

  2. Hey Alan
    Thanks for checking out my videos. I won’t be going to the Golden Arm tournament although I would love to go. I did go to one of them just to watch but as I thought it’s all about how the table is at the time (hot or cold). Just because you throw for an hour once rarely does it happen again. Hope the table is GOOD for you. Thanks again for your Interest

  3. Thanks ! Love Craps videos. Check out my system – which is a new idea that works well !! I think you will like it. You will have to orient yourself to a craps Excel spreadsheet but it's not to hard to do !!

  4. Hello Amie
    Nice to hear from you…haven’t seen your name before. So you must by a new viewer or commenter of my channel.
    I never been to Manila so I don’t know how they play Craps there. I noticed you said they use PHP there. I never heard of
    PHP…what is that? Well I wish you luck in Manila😁
    Thanks for your comment & please subscribe 👍👍

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