7 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Small Bankroll No Problem….Give This System a Try

  1. This is an alternate version of the Iron Cross.
    However, like the Iron Cross, you are profitable only if you can make at least 5 or 6 hits.
    However, with this version, if you roll five hits that are not 5, you have lost $10.
    ($2 × 5 rolls = $10)
    So, if you need five hits or more in order to start making a profit, you are better off just Placing the 5 for $10, instead of having a $2 loss on every roll.

  2. I like the idea of going down to felt until you have some profit to play with. You just never know when the tables will turn! Thanks Mel, appreciate the video!!

  3. I like when these videos come out just before i hit the casino. Hint i gonon sundays usually, so on saturdays if your not busy mel…… lol

  4. Mahalo Mel, I've played this strategy when I got on a $10 table except I don't usually go down to felt, I switch to $44 inside after two or three hits. I'll try taking my winnings n go down to felt if the table is choppy. Looks like I won't be going to Vegas till after Thanksgiving. Have a fun n very profitable trip. Take some great videos. RogerT

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