Craps practice with Sam and Son

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Practice sessions with 3 point blender and other players style. Three point blender is a dark style strategy when do you have a don’t pass and a point established you look to establish two more DC’s and place bets to hedge. Than you place the point
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Craps practice with Sam and Son

8 thoughts on “Craps practice with Sam and Son

  1. Hey Press …. i designed a Tee shirt for ya. Blender style…. lol

  2. Press, I have a question. With your 3 point blender, once you have your DP and 2 DCs and your 3 place bets opposite them, you can't lose, but you can't win much either. Doesn't this turn into a major grind? After all, the $150/$170 you have on the table is ALL your money. Your only profit is the difference between a place bet win and the losing DC/DP. Not much. This is magnified by having everything working on Come Out rolls. If you stayed off on Come Out rolls, at least you could bank $75 on a Come Out 7 with only one $25 DC/DP at risk. Actually they are all at risk, but you can only lose ONE at a time but win ALL THREE DC/DP bets on ONE 7OUT.

  3. Press!!! Another good video. Can you do another one using the 3 point blender along with others using a different or variation of that. It really helps to see how things can play out. Thanks again Press.

  4. Good times had by all right there. Thnx for the post brother. I’m gonna have to really study how you are running your blender currently. I am truly liking it more and more every time I see it.

  5. This was great. It shows how you need to adjust to the shooter. Sam could have put the front back up after that come out didn't hit seven. Especially since he knows you could throw for a while.

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