Craps strategy. Checking out all the Lay Bets!

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Craps strategy. Checking out all the Lay Bets!

9 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Checking out all the Lay Bets!

  1. Great stuff Jacob. You have So much knowledge and know how to show and explain this stuff extremely well. Ty for the all your videos

  2. $31 or multiples of it, work for all numbers with payouts. Here’s another play…chase it. Put your $31 on the last number rolled. Keep moving it…dealer will love that! Wait for 7 or repeater number (for the loss and then double…or not).

  3. A math question: on the 5 and 9, I thought it had to be an even bet. 75? Shouldn't it be 70 lay? I'm so bad at math..

  4. Hey jacob have u been to Mississippi casinos? Do they ask for I'd up front or is it like Vegas where u can just walk-in?

  5. Hi Jacob, it's Davide from Italy. I really like your Youtube channel, thank you for your job. I love Craps game and in my i can only play on online casino, but sometimes I think the software they use does not guarantee the necessary transparency that they should have and that the laws on the subject must guarantee. I was very interested in this lay bet video. Using a simulation software, I compiled a betting program that faithfully follows your instructions, I did some simulations and I noticed that the ratio between total lay bets / ley bet wins was about 50%. only when the ratio was greater than 75% I was in win. I thought to change the strategy in order to wait to bet on the lay bet sequences until the Seven had not rolled in the previous 5 rolls and the result after some tests was to bring the ratio of total lay bets/ lay wins around 75%. I send you a link with a short video on the simulation program in action, I would like to know your opinion on the matter.

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