10 thoughts on “Craps strategy for shooters, Tony Leo inspired.

  1. Good stuff. You did get really lucky on those front line winners though. They could have knocked you off with worse timing.

  2. Thanks for sharing Coach. You’re shooting is definitely getting much better Amigo. Good strategy for a hot table or a good shooter.

  3. Awesome yes this is for a dice control strategy I been wanting u to bet the horn with the way u roll alot 3s win on every roll i enjoyed this video

  4. So as I am not a dice controller, I could through observation at the table, bet aggressively when a dice controller has the dice, when his past performance indicates a good hand is likely. What do you think?

  5. Jacob, Thank you for the videos and your support. When playing the 4-10 with the horn, we have 30 ways to win, 6 ways to lose and it's 5 to 1 in our favor on every roll, with my goal being 40 wins for about 1 hour of play. A few things i'd like to comment on based on some of the comments posted. #1 we play with a purpose and we throw a badload of horn numbers, that's why this method works well for us.. You can also tie your horn bet into your place bets or you can play it independently on it's own merit.When i 7 out I will increase my 4-10 place bets to where i only need 1 win to be ahead of the game. Once i get my win i go back to my original bets and collect and press both my place bets and horn bet. Repeat if needed. You can also play this method very conservative and simply repeat your bets. You will need 4 or 5 wins to be break even. I don't like even. I like to hit it and get it, 40 wins and done for the day. Also you don't have to be a great shooter, as you only need 1 or 2 rolls to be ahead. You don't need a roll of 20 and most of the time you don't even need a larger bankroll. That's why SRR [ 7 to rolls ratio] means nothing to us.We practice SWR [ 7 to wins ratio ] meaning how many times did we win before we threw the 7…….Remember the 3 B's…..BRAINS–Think, read your dice,and play with a purpose….BALLS–You got to have them playing craps……BANKROLL—Your bankroll gives you the strength of reserves and the power to resolve….Great job.. Trust in your abilities and follow your heart…. any questions , give me a call or www.thegamingpro.com.

  6. Have you thought about putting your place winnings on don’t pass odds? Then when seven comes you don’t lose your winnings. It’s frustrating to win on place bets a number of times and after pressing the winnings you lose it all on one seven roll. Just a thought. I haven’t tied it.

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