I Risk $1,500 With A Pair Of Deuces. Poker Vlog 82

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I take a shot at $5-$10 in my first session of my latest Vegas trip. It doesn’t matter that the stakes are higher. I just can’t help myself when I see a good opportunity to bluff.

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I Risk $1,500 With A Pair Of Deuces. Poker Vlog 82

10 thoughts on “I Risk $1,500 With A Pair Of Deuces. Poker Vlog 82

  1. Hey Adam, if you're capable of bluffs like that. I think You should stick to 5-10

  2. Good stuff dude. I'm hard to impress but when I saw you rockn the pink crocs … WOW… Nice .. that's I dude that I'd be friends with. Thanks for the laugh .. So Rude but So Right.

  3. Perfect Vegas weather this time of year. I wish they had the WSOP during this time and not in the summer when it’s 120 degrees outside 😂 oh but it’s a dry heat.. so that makes it better lol

  4. Way to put on your "big boy pants". Playing 1-3 at ameristar in St. Louis, is so different than 5-10 at Bellagio. Way to step up your game, and come out with a win

  5. LOL, I love the breakdown of hand 2. he talks about it being heads up but the player in the 2 seat is also in the hand.

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