9 thoughts on “Dealing craps games Little Caesars casino and 1 Million dollar sports bet

  1. I can imagine you had some colorful words brewing in your head for those characters while you were working on that carpet.

  2. Who owned or drove the Pulse Cycle Car, I think it was white? I used to gamble here
    every time with my buddies. THIS was the most fun place to play. We had free beer served in dixie cups and dollar dogs!

  3. didn't golden gate sell hotdogs too? and cheap draft beer? flat pass line bet was 50c. good story.

  4. Wish you had more stories about Little Caesars. I used to check out the board after work on Friday's and Saturday's during the football season. To my knowledge, they took more sports book action in that little dump than any of the big mega casinos at that time and maybe still would today. I do remember the $1 dogs and free cokes in the little dixie cups, double exposure blackjack, crapless craps and the Stupak rocket parked in front of the manual sliding glass entrance doors – classic!

  5. No, Early 90's I was a valet and liked the old school flavor of the place and the clientele, but, drove cab in late 90's after it closed…

  6. I dealt craps there parts of 80 into 83+-. Left, returned, left, left.. I worked a 24 hour shift there during a championship fight across at Caesars… when they got stuck with too many brand new crap dealers…. and the tables was rediculous crazy, if you had a clue then you were working. period. BTW linguini – Bob, Boston accent I perpetually got "crap" for… If any guys dealing from there around then.. check in..

  7. Worked there in 89' yep… My nickname given to me by Mayday was "little Red"…
    When the Blackjack players were cashing in they put me on the table to win back the money and clean the house..Taxi driver's came in to play but once I was put on the table… They learned to lower their bets or move..my last day I was put on to deal to a hi-roller (from a sports book winner) 1 on 1 for 4 hours.. We usually have a break every 40 min of dealing…but Sargent had already left… The hi-roller would call me filthy names if he lost a hand and the pit boss ignored the profanity and I kept telling the guy to please stop it..but nope.. I kept telling the pit boss I wanted off, I was near tears and was finally tapped out… The pit boss asked me "how does it feel to work?" He was a jerk…. I put in a few hundred in the "toke box" and saw maybe 35 dollars of it.. The toke envelopes were more of a "joke"
    I did enjoy working there and yep.. Free soda and $1.00 hot dogs.. I was the only dealer Mayday spoke to, he'd come into the casino and if he saw me, he'd smile and say good morning lil Red, how are ya?
    Sargent was a nice man and easy to talk to. Taxi driver's… Not very friendly..
    Sargent thought when I quit it was because I was moving on to a better casino but nope, told him what happened and he was sincerely upset and I heard he had a long talk with that pit boss…

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