Good craps strategy? Another viewer submitted strategy!

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Good craps strategy?  Another viewer submitted strategy!

7 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? Another viewer submitted strategy!

  1. You guys have a great channel. I’m a fan. Keep up the great info

  2. What do you think about strategies with few hits or rolls and down or reduce the inside number 5,6,8,9 or just playing the 6/8?

  3. I like hedge systems. I will try this out and see how it goes. Power pressing is the thing to do but I'll leave them all up until I hit my walk away amount $300 to $500 and cash out. Thank you sender for submitting this system and thank you Jason as always.

  4. Thanks for the great demo. I've watched a few of your video's, but this one got me to sub. You are right about the amounts on the bets needing to be adjusted, here's my suggestion. Lay the 10 for $72, ($35 + $1 vig). Make the DP $35, $11 Hard 10, and add a hop on the 6/4 for $5. Lower the Yo to $3, and add a $1 twelve. This strategy is good for two things, it hedges against the come out 7/11/12, and the PSO. It allows you to preserve your bankroll until that one hot 20+ roll shooter shows up and lets you win big on your inside place bets. I personally do a alternating collect/press on the inside bets, slowly decreasing my DP bet as I get my money back. Going to Vegas in November, can't wait to try this for real!

  5. I would suggest a power press for 4 rolls and turn place bets off till point hit or 7-out. Then back on for next shooter or same shooter after come out point is established. And then collect and off again after 3-4 rolls.

  6. So I did this strategy for 2 days. I do like the hedge when you first are protecting the DP with hard 10, YO eleven and lay the 10. What I experienced is you can win small amounts like Jason stated but I was getting knocked off when the DP was on the inside numbers especially the 6 and 8. I was being knocked off the DP as the point and had to start all over with another DP. Then sometimes I started back up the DP after being knocked off, then the dreaded 10 rolled 6-4 lost my hard way and the lay 10. I was betting $400 on the lay 10 with a $57 hard 10. $200 on the DP. This was a disastrous combo when this happened and it would take a monstrous roll to get my losses back. Needless to say the last two days was not profitable. But, I did take something out of this system and will use the come out strategy when the table goes cold and lots of 7's are starting to come out like point/7 out.

  7. The No-4/10 Hedge on come out rolls OK, but careful with Prop. bet drain (Note: tell Dealer the Hardway bet is "On" for come outs). The reason for this play is to give strength to the 7. Went through the Come-out to gain advantage, don't give it back to the House. Lay Odds on the DP, and get your Place Bets out there sized ready to win (not to be pressed). On first roll after Point established, 7 should be worth $25-$50, now keep it that way. Track the amount of place bet winnings + current amount of DP/Odds win. If you want to reduce exposure to a Point winner, start removing x1 Lay odds at a time, with further place wins. Keep the 7 valuable, till you've removed all odds, because of all the place bet wins. You get this far, let it play out. Closing play options for this hand are: placing the point with new winnings &/or reducing your place bet spread amount. Try starting small and working up bet size with side that's winning. Don't invest in place bets on a cold table, try win & pull (or regress). If the Don't hedge is giving you trouble, you're on the wrong table. Look for more rolls between 7's. Good Luck!

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