Good Craps Strategy? The Field Bet Demystified

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Good Craps Strategy?  The Field Bet Demystified

3 thoughts on “Good Craps Strategy? The Field Bet Demystified

  1. I’m sure you notice a run of horns on a daily basis…
    When I play a horn I also play the field..if they hit I press looking for a string..
    When the field wins I take the win and another unit from my rack and press the field again….nice hit on a pressed horn and pressed field and the 12 comes on a table paying triple…..

  2. I like to use the field. Start out 30 on 6&8 and 15 in the field. Get a hit and pick up the 5 second hit pick up the 9 then take it down and play the inside. Doesn't work all the time but fun way to pick up a couple of numbers. Keep up the good work guys love the content.

  3. Im a fan of the field, 1 unit starting once I've got 3 units on 5/6/8 then use first field hit to go to 2 units then any field wins after press 1 collect rest until it fails then back up with 1 unit

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