OMG! Unbelievable Bad Luck in Poker – $5125 Pot Lost!

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Hey my name’s Fernando Habegger, aka JNandez. I’m a professional poker player and head coach of the PLO Mastermind. On this channel I’ll show you how to potentially make money playing online poker, specifically Pot Limit Omaha. If you’re looking to learn Omaha poker strategy and get better at PLO, you’re at the right place!

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OMG! Unbelievable Bad Luck in Poker – $5125 Pot Lost!

10 thoughts on “OMG! Unbelievable Bad Luck in Poker – $5125 Pot Lost!

  1. par for the course with plo.. I remember having 97% once and losing to the 1 outer as well as being 80% all in on the flop allin losing both runouts lol

  2. i really dont like shorts. You cant watch it on pc because quality randomly goes down to 144p and its unwatchable

  3. I play plo all the time and love your content… what I have learned is you have to be good enough to be able to withstand the losses that happen like this and still be able to come out a winner on the long run.

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