Good craps strategy? The Hard No 4

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A hedge variation strategy.

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Good craps strategy?  The Hard No 4

4 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? The Hard No 4

  1. not a fan of hedge systems personally but i get the idea. I agree…pick a side and go for it. Great insight and look forward to your videos. Keep them coming!

  2. Would it make any sense to reduce your Lay (and HW) with each win? Eventually the Lay and HW are back in your rack and you would have won more than the $81 across so you would be ahead with a lot less exposure.

  3. I use this system currently. I only lay the come out and hope for a 7. $450 on the lay 4 or 10 $220 inside. Every win is $70. I only let it roll 5 times and collect no press. Once 5 rolls are done I regress to $44 inside and pull the Lay. If the shooter is gets on a roll at lease you have $44 inside and you go from there. The Lay bet is the hard part you need to protect. That's why I take it off as soon as possible.

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