Good craps strategy? Viewer submitted strategy.

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Good craps strategy? Viewer submitted strategy.

10 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? Viewer submitted strategy.

  1. Another question for you.
    How do you know what is a good bet or system? Where and how do you draw the line?

    You said “1 of 9” ( 11.1%) likelihood to roll a 9.
    Then you said that it needs 4 or 5 hits to make back the $190 of the place and field bets.
    With 5 hits at 88.8% likelihood, ….
    Is this a good way to rate any system for comparisonship?

  2. Also you forgot to deduct the money won from the 9 in the field if the 9 does arrive

  3. Lay the 10??
    Bet hard ten
    Two ways to lose on 10
    1 in 18. Better, but pays less on 7.

  4. Why would you lay the 9 instead of the 4 or 10? Isn’t it harder to roll a 4 or 10 than a 9?

  5. It’s nice to actually have real dealers showing us what we can really expect. There’s a lot of so called craps experts but none of them are dealers and see what happens on a daily basis for hours at a time. Question: from your experience, how often do you see 2 or 3 sevens in a row on the come out? How many times an hour does this happen on average? Thanks.

  6. What do you think of a one roll Iron Cross using $5100?

    $1250 on the 5
    $1500 on the 6
    $1500 on the 8
    $850 on the Field

    Wait for 2 or 3 sevens to roll, jump in and hopefully hit any number but another 7. Any number wins $850, take everything down and walk out.

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