How to Tip, Playing Casino Craps?

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Should you tip? What is the amount you should tip? Different ways to tip your dealers.

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How to Tip, Playing Casino Craps?

10 thoughts on “How to Tip, Playing Casino Craps?

  1. At my casino, the place bets are rounded UP. So $1 on the 8 wins $2 for them, but then I have to put the bet back up. Usually on the 6 when I win. But I really want to know is your bad experiences you had with dealers. Wanna share some of your stories about what happened in the next video?

  2. When the dice are passing (hey, it does happen), I'll put a buck on the pass line for the crew. If it wins, I have them leave up the original bet and collect the win. Another win, they get the win plus I give them shoes.

  3. I always place dealer bets and when I say always meaning I always do. I bet the bonus all the time and place a dealer bonus bet for them also and I hit the all numbers bonus which is 150-1. So there for the dealers also made that 150 then the dealer started to say stupid remarks cuz I didn’t tip. I’m like yo didn’t y’all just make 150 bucks for that bonus hit. It’s like they are never satisfied. Bonus plus all other dealer bets I’m making for them during my roll.

  4. They can't tell you how to bet for them, but if you ask "what's your favorite number?" they should be allowed to answer that.

  5. Thank you, Jeremy, for this tipping video.
    Last month at the El Cortez, you explained how to better tip the dealers by placing there 1 dollar chip on my passline bet instead of on the side. As the point was hit, the house chips were paying for the dealers tips!

    I also when first coming in lay a red chip in and say hardways for the dealers and 1 for the table boss. That always gets them in involved in the game and they of course like that. And if 1 hardways comes down or all 4 I replace it right a way.

    Last is odds bets (Shoes) for the dealers, I add 2 dollars for the 4,5,9 and 10. On the 6 and 8, I add a red chip. Learned that from The Dominator.

  6. Tipping while winning makes the game so much more fun. Brings the dealer into your game.

  7. I usually plan on tipping up-to $10 (sometimes less) per session. I figure that is enough because everyone else is tipping too. I do like to try have their tips as place bets (6&8 or inside), or just hand in's.

    It usually makes the dealers happy and smile 😃

  8. I dealt craps for 30 years this is the worst video I've ever seen I give you credit for trying but all you talk about is negative things… Put up a passline bet or give the money directly to the dealer and tell him to drop it.. And their toke Box… This way they will never lose it and the corporation get the money… Plain and simple

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