How to Win at Craps and Become the Casinos Worst Nightmare

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The Dominator shares what 3 things we need to know to win at craps and beat the casinos! Don’t forget to watch Craps Dice Control Part 1, 2 and 3: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win. Subscribe to learn more.

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How to Win at Craps and Become the Casinos Worst Nightmare

10 thoughts on “How to Win at Craps and Become the Casinos Worst Nightmare

  1. You are the man…man. My son as well as myself have greatly improved since we startled this Dice control. We've been at it for two months now, and bet more intelligently. Last week we came home winners. That says something. Looking forward to any new videos. All I can say is the grip..the grip….the grip. Wishing you and yours happy days ahead. Thanks. Bernard

  2. i tell you what dominator. make a video that has a fulll wide angle shot of you rolling point after point and ill believe you. ive never seen a dice influencer do this before. if you can back up your words with proof ill believe you. untill then its all talk.

  3. I just had a youtube warrior issue me a challenge to prove my skills at 7-avoidance. He's talking big money, but he's not the first, but the way he laid it out, it sounds like this might be a serious opportunity for me to make some easy money. What would you consider a 'fair' deviation from the norm to agree upon in order to settle a bet? He suggested I throw 2400 time and have 300 7's instead of the expected 400. I thought that was ridiculous and told him so. But what would be a good ratio to win his money without 'letting the cat out of the bag'? (I told him 2400 rolls would take too long, also.)

  4. Dom, the only problem I've experienced is when the crew on a table wouldn't allow to roll the dice if no bets were made on other random rollers rather than just betting on own dice rolls. When having a table to oneself allows for a good session of winning, but at the same time the tables are typically not empty for too long if another person sees the shooter winning bets. I've followed your and Frank's methods and typically can do quite well but only when I simply don't bet on random rollers. I definitely would like to fly out that way to get a coaching session on proper dice control, as I've been following your technique for more than a decade. Thank you to both Dom and Frank for showing its possible to beat the game of craps.

  5. The comment section on dice setting videos is the best! Full of bitter people who just dont want to believe or accept, this bad really works. It's unbelievable. Personally I think its funny because these people claim they suck at craps, so they come here to get better, and when somebody shows them how they can win with simply through dedicated practice, all they do is bitch and complain it doesnt work without even trying it!!! LOL!!! I am yet to meet somebody who legit practices for at least three months and doesnt get good enough to go out and win money. Anybody can learn this, after that you just have to learn how to bet smart which is a whole other skill, but not complicated either. People just like to bad on people when they can't do what they do! Dom, you made the first dice setting vids I watched. I have found other guys vids I like a little better, no offense, but you were the first who introduced me to this concept and I am grateful.

  6. Dude: it works-adhere to his guidelines and learn the set/throw. You will surprise yourself, as you watch everyone else crash and burn around you.

  7. If each roll is independent then why wait 5 rolls? Is it so you can see the shooters dice set, grip, etc first?

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