3 thoughts on “Inside martingale craps strategy & ATS. Missed a point of 8 at the end typical crappy lol

  1. The strategy referred to as the hammerlock is similar to this. Only you would go up in levels on losses, but by the original bet amount, not doubling. You also do the same thing thing on the don’t pass with the odds. Level 1 you try to win X amount and go up that amount on losses.

  2. good job on the ATS, personally I would have hedged my bets and taken the sure win… earlier you could have laid on the 9 and guaranteed a sure profit on the ATS if you rolled a 7 and later you could have laid on the 4 to guarantee profit on the small too… but in the long run by not hedging you made more money with a huge payout… fun vid to watch tonight

  3. A little mishap at the 23 minute mark. All good though, I am not the dealer police. Enjoy your strategies

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