Is Bubble Craps Rigged? Evidence?

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Is Bubble Craps Rigged?  Evidence?

10 thoughts on “Is Bubble Craps Rigged? Evidence?

  1. If you look up close you will see that the plate is moving the entire time but the 6 is wedged up against the side so it isn't moving. As much as I don't trust these machines, It could be an unfortunate fluke.

  2. I must say, that was pretty questionable. Not really sure if they are rigged or not, but I'm a dark side player as well and that is the reason I will only play bubble craps when there are at least two other people playing. Most people don't play the dark side and if there are a bunch of people playing and the machine is rigged, who's it going to screw over? The dark or light side? If they are rigged, they should screw over the side with the most bets, I would think.

  3. Do you Really think that a casino is going to risk their gaming licence by rigging a two bit game?
    Come on man get real!!

  4. I have played these machines a lot and I can tell you my experience you will see this happen in your favor too. The dice flip flop a lot, especially if they recently serviced it and the dice are polished, that's when they tend to almost roll a number a dozen times till they finally rest.

  5. They are required to control the payout in accordance with the regulations governing slot machines. If they are not adjusting the payout amounts then they are required to adjust the outcome to ensure they meet the defined pay tables and provide audit logs to prove it. Therefore they must must adjust the dice roll outcomes to achieve that requirement of the regulation, just like a slot machine (which is what they are).

    This is not illegal 'rigging'. The controls on payouts are what the regulation requires vs a table game which does not have those same controls that slots and electronic games have.

    Most slot machine regulations require there to be no element of skill (pure luck). If there is an element of skill then that must be eliminated otherwise it cannot be a slot machine. Skilled or smart betting must be eliminated so that the game is one of pure luck.

    When multiple players are betting on the same outcome the machine must ensure their minimum configured payables are adhered to over a defined period, so the adjustments get spread around over more players, which is why you may have a better outcome in the short term with more players.

    Think of these machines as having a long printed tape with payouts already written down and centrally controlled. The machine ensures that what the tape says is the outcome and nothing you can do will change it. It will make losers or winners however it has to within a defined margin of error and move to the next item on the tape. The payout objective is already decided before you place your bet. Adjust the dice outcome to keep within a defined error margin based on what has been bet.

    This is why the bet levels are also low so that they can't ever be too far from the required minimum payout table that has been configured.

    My advice, don't play slots, especially ones dressed up as table games which are in honesty worse than a typical slot as the variance will be lower on a craps simulator so you will never get the large payouts and jackpots that a slot machine offers.

  6. I have won $10,000 in 1 night on a bubble craps machine. It is a fluke but I definitely dont think they are rigged

  7. I told you there is a vibration device inside one of the dies and it activates at certain times to change the outcome of the rolls.

  8. It is definitely predetermined on certain rolls. I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago and i noticed some shady bad. I play at MGM in detroit and i really notice some bulls&#t. I think you can win at bubble craps if your patient.

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