Lay Bets – craps payouts

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Lay Bets – craps payouts are the opposite of Buy bets. You are betting the seven will show before one of the point numbers. Lay bets pay at the true odds of hitting the number, much like an odds bet. The casino is not going to allow you to make essentially free bets, so lay bets have a commission or vig of 5% Some casinos are going to ask for the vig when you make the bet, or upfront, and keep it whether you win or lose. Other casinos only collect the vig after you win the bet. Some casinos have different minimums for their Lay bets and may be higher than the table minimum.

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Lay Bets – craps payouts

10 thoughts on “Lay Bets – craps payouts

  1. 1:20 "The casino is not going to allow you to play a fair game."
    A blanket statement that applies to every game in every casino.

  2. You can make a Lay/No bet at a stadium style craps machine at one of my Casinos for the minimum of just $5 which is nice because then you can do a martingale system before you get into big money.

  3. Headed to Vegas tomorrow…your vids are primo. I always lay the 4 as my first bet on the table to get me warmed up. Before the new roll, the advantage for the darkside player is 2:1/66%. But that number increases after the four comes out. Lay the 4 or 10 after they show. If you see them come out twice during the roll of an average shooter, then increase your bet. I never lay if I know a dice setter is rolling, especially if the shooter has a huge stack of chips.

  4. When I make this bet at ceasers property, they expect the commission up front and they keep it if you lose.

  5. placing 6, 8 is a much better option. house advantage = 1.52%. no vig, either…"place 6 & 8 for $504 each", tossing a wad of c-notes in the come area…! great video, much appreciated!

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