Win $500 Per Day with Craps?

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Win $500 Per Day with Craps? Is it possible? Today we review Al Kaufman’s Pass No Pass Method and see if we can really win $500 per day with craps. With this strategy he plays the pass and don’t pass at the same time and follows any loss by doubling the bet and adding one unit. After 4 loses in a row he simply doubles the bet. He claims as long as you can avoid 8 loses in a row, you can easily win $500 per day with a bankroll of $2380.

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Win $500 Per Day with Craps?

10 thoughts on “Win $500 Per Day with Craps?

  1. there are some obvious pitfalls with this strategy like requiring a hefty bankroll to cover a negative run of luck but it will eventually balance out most times where you may get up to betting $300, which in reality means you lost your $5, $15, $35, $75, $150 bets first which add up to being out of pocket $280 but when it hits at $300 you win back your outlay, this can get pricey especially if you lose the following $300 and next $600 bet you're then at a win or go broke stage betting $1200 to recoup all of your combined losses… I know I'm stating the obvious here but when you hit a winning string it really doesn't take long to nest egg to make the $300 bet not much of a risk…

    Okay so what is different about my comments from the others… if you are up and you want to try this strategy with a twist… use this strategy and add field bets too… bet $5 on the field if it hits take your win and bet again if not use this strategy bet $15 follow the same pattern ($5, $15, $35, $75, $150, $300, $600, $1200) you need to lose 8 straight field bets to lose your bankroll … you will eventual at some point lose $2300 (Murphy's law of averages) but with a combined strategy I think you would make your bankroll in short work, personally I can't afford to lose it so I won't bet it in real life but I have won at it continually in practice runs… I guess this makes me a theorist more so than a practitioner…

  2. Every system can be good for a short time, but eventually will lose. I think that the best way to win is to have 4-5 different systems in mind. Play one untill you have a set amount (not too big, but not too small) and then switch system (and maybe table/game) and try another system again. And most importantly, don't play too long. The odds will catch you

  3. I use this strategy every time I go to Vegas. I go with the mindset that it's OK if I lose the entire bankroll. I have yet to lose a session with it. I am well over double my bankroll. I play for an hour or so each night while in Vegas and walk away with $200+. I then use my winnings to have a good time on the town the next day. Dinner, a show, zipline on the Rio, High roller ferris wheel. Love this strategy because so far it has paid for my Vegas fun.

  4. This is a nice strategy. I believe Al kaufman says that it is going to hit eventually but if you play for 30 days and 28 of those days you make $500 dollars a day that comes to $14000 dollars. If you lose twice in the month your still making over $9000 a month

  5. Hello. How can I contact you about a betting strategy to try or just to get your opinion about? Thank you for your videos very informative

  6. Yep, this system worked for me +1700 last week at Aria. I think it's best to move tables after a give amount or time so that you don't get emotionally attached to the dealers or the other players. I seemed to get cough in the emotions of playing all the pass lines and side bets… I would change the view after about $250 or so. You can win if you stick with the Strat.

  7. I've been using WinCraps to run this strategy and see how it does. I call 8 losses in a row a "bust".
    I run the simulation until I get 100 busts and then add the data to my analysis. So far I have run about 2.25 million rolls over 14 sessions, so 1,400 busts. I am only doing this on the DON'T side as it seems that it loses less often than the PASS side.
    So far the average bust takes about 1,600 rolls. But I have seen a bust in as few as 11 rolls (!) and as many as 11,222 rolls. It seems that roughly half of your wins come back-to-back, without any intervening losses. The progression roughly halves going forward (25% of wins come after one loss, 12.7% of wins come after 2 losses, 6.5% of wins come after 3 losses, etc.). For every 1000 wins, you will see 8.4 losses. I’ll share more data as it develops.

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