10 thoughts on “Basics: How to play Texas Holdem

  1. clearest explanation yet – others are too fast paced, dont explain the terminology and jargon, and too much too fast to take in at once.

    Also – to people trying to learn: Playing the Texas game is the best way to learn, just play it and you will eventually start to grasp things.
    Play it for free online to learn. it is the best way – dont spend actual money at first tho – i found one on facebook that gives you chips to play with, lets you win more chips in various cool side games and doesn't have to involve real cash….you can choose the learner tables to play against other beginners 🙂

    Very helpful video…thanks

  2. nice video, raise has to be double of the bet, can't just raise more than the best. It has to be double of the current bet.

  3. I like the tutorial. no bs. just facts. thanks! PS isn't the card you put to the side called a burn?

  4. One of the best explanations I've seen for beginning poker players. The betting can be a little confusing for beginners but this was very clear!

  5. do you have a round of betting after the 5th card is turned over and if you go all in on first two cards with say 100 dollars and some one raises to 200 how do you go on then if you have nothing left

  6. I’ve played only played poker a bit but never heard the “small blind” called “little blind”

  7. Little blind flopped the nuts. I will check the flop and bet the turn and raise the river (if the turn and river are safe cards)

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