Learn Craps Order of Operation | Level Up at Dice 03

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Learn Craps Order of Operation | Level Up at Dice 03 is the third episode in a series with David at Casino Quest. Level up your knowledge of the game from a dice master. Today we talk about the order of operation at the craps table. Learn about Take Pay Move. Learn the order that payouts are made and more! Be sure to subscribe to Casino Quest, as each episode will alternate between Color Up and Casino Quest.

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Learn Craps Order of Operation |  Level Up at Dice 03

10 thoughts on “Learn Craps Order of Operation | Level Up at Dice 03

  1. This was great to see what I’ve been doing right and what I have gotten wrong. I think it’s important while practicing to get the payout methods right so that you know what you’re seeing when playing live.

    I also like to call out my bets when practicing alone. I don’t want to be in the habit of just expecting my bets to go where I want them when the dealer is the one who actually places them!

    Great video!

  2. So shouldn’t you take the come bet on the nine and hand the odds back to the player before you pay the pass line?

  3. As a player on the table I hate it when other players are throwing money and calling presses and bets before I have been paid….

  4. i wait, dealers don't forget, but if you're wanting a new bet wait til your dealer has finished, use their name and add your bet, this shouting out of turn drives me crazy, especially the yelling and throwing chips, and then amazement if there's confusion

  5. IDK how to timestamp but 14:55 “everything starts in the come……” no truer words have ever been spoken

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