Should you Switch Up your Craps Strategy?

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Should you Switch Up your Craps Strategy? In this episode of the color up challenge, the dice have some funky rolls, do you stick with your gameplan or craps strategy, or do you follow the dice and switch up your strategy?

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Should you Switch Up your Craps Strategy?

10 thoughts on “Should you Switch Up your Craps Strategy?

  1. Hello there,
    Thank you for your beautiful videos …

    I’m trying to find your video ( strategy $75 don’t come bar or don’t pass bar ) can you please send me the link.

    Really appreciate it.

  2. unlucky rolls for the challenger time and time again l
    Really want to thank you for all the videos, I watched a few before my first trip to Vegas this time last year and after building up courage {and stash} on bubble craps had a good night thanks to the guys at the El Cortez
    Hope to get back but probably need to wait for 2022 – stay safe

  3. Color up you gotta get you community on reddit! Such a great place for content and online community.

  4. Color Up, any reason why when you’re playing this strategy that you don’t put a small Hard Way hedge on the Point number when it’s Even? It takes away one combination that causes you to lose your Don’t Pass. Just a thought

  5. I knew there was something about you that was really good…. Long time suffering browns fan here too. Spent many Sundays at the craps table trying to win back the money from the sports book betting on the Browns!!!!

  6. I truly appreciate your videos and honestly.
    I would love to play game sometime, I don't have a good strategy. But love to play.

    Thanks for your time

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