flippity – Poker Strategy

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Simon talks about different aspects of reviewing hands and being open-minded when approaching poker hand discussions. Topics include balance, exploitation, perception, game planning, and profiling.

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flippity – Poker Strategy

2 thoughts on “flippity – Poker Strategy

  1. It seems like you are using a very narrow definition of balance in specific (not ideal) spots to explain your point, which is, that often times people are incorrectly trying to balance their range in a spot that doesn't create much value (which is true).
    However balance is imo more than that. I think balance is meant to be used (optimally) in spots where your competition in your spot would be polarized, for example, 4/5 betting preflop, donk betting, check raising the river, etc
    Also it is not as important in games with large player pools or full ring games. The goal of balance is to prevent your opponent  from reading your hands and playing you correctly based on past experience, past experience being VERY important.
    Also there is a lot of metagame that goes into balancing, which allow us to exploit our opponents.

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