Slowplaying Poker Strategy: Dangers of slow playing – #HelloAlec 8

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Slow Playing Poker: My reader Zachary tried to slowplay this hand in 2/5 cash game. Do you think he made a mistake by slowplaying this hand?

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Slowplaying Poker Strategy: Dangers of slow playing – #HelloAlec 8

10 thoughts on “Slowplaying Poker Strategy: Dangers of slow playing – #HelloAlec 8

  1. I would have liked a larger PF bet, but I don't know it would have changed anything other than drop a player or 2. The real problem was the turn. There's probably nothing that someone will catch that gets them to put more money in that doesn't beat you. Shove the turn, A4 probably folds, and while you likely take it down (which is fine), maybe the aces pay you off. Your hand is great, but it's far from invincible.

  2. Go all-in on the turn. I don't think you'll get any more action unless somebody has the king in which case he will pay off your big bet.

  3. $70 pre. Turn is a disaster. He cold called a three bet OOP with A4s, and you think he won't call his stack off?

    And lol @ AA guy. Can I play in this game?

  4. Pushed all in on the turn. It's clear that he was on a draw and you don't want him to catch up.

  5. Nooo. Bet big and take it down. What if the next heart comes? Its already a good pot. And go all in at the end. You at least have someone beat. We all learn from our mistakes. AA really blew this hand. Too many in the pot. Reraise pre flop. Reraise post.

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