Winning Craps Betting Strategy: Both Sides Against the Middle

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Here’s a winning craps betting strategy that allows something for everyone. There’s a little ‘one hit and down’… and a little ‘use house money to play’. There’s a little light side… and a little dark side action. It’s both sides against the middle!

I hope you enjoy the content, and can’t wait to read all your comments!

This video is intended for entertainment only. The strategies illustrated are not a guarantee or promise of winnings in any way. Gamble legally at your own risk.

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Winning Craps Betting Strategy: Both Sides Against the Middle

6 thoughts on “Winning Craps Betting Strategy: Both Sides Against the Middle

  1. Good strategy overall.
    A few tweaks I would use.
    1. I would start out with $154 inside instead of $110. It’s only $44 more and the dividends pay nicely. Instead of making $35, your making $49 with each hit.
    To me it makes far more sense to go from $49 to $44 and have a guarantee of $5 than go $35 then $44 being in the hole $9. Plus the risk is the same for both vs the 7.

    2. I would change the DC from $10 to $13 because of the Place 6&8 payouts. This keeps the 7 strong when you have No numbers vs Place bets.

    Good Job!

  2. Hey, CT! I feel like I haven’t had a good comment for you lately, but hopefully this one will make up for it. First, somebody needs to donate some chips for you to use in your videos! There has to be a casino that would give you some non-negotiable chips with their name on them in exchange for an occasional plug (or a generous viewer – hint, hint, guys!). Personally, my wife would kill me for buying you a set of chips, but I’m happy to show my support via a small PayPal donation if you send me or post your info for it. Second, I think any regression place betting strategy benefits from a don’t pass hedge. One idea would be a minimum don’t pass bet, then odds depending on the point at least until you regress. For example, $5 or $10 DP then $30 in odds. If the point is an inside number and you don’t feel like hedging, you can pick up the odds after you regress. If you throw the point right back, your 4 big bets stay up, and you will actually break even on the point unless it’s a 4 or 10 (and how often do you establish one of those and immediately roll it back?). On an early 7 out, you only lose 3 bets instead of all 4 as with no line bet. This reduces your volatility and therefore the bankroll you would need. Please don’t remake this video with a DP added lol, but if you take it to a casino, it might be something to try (perhaps scaled down to $66 or $44 inside regressing to $22). Thanks as always for the great video!

  3. Getting some money on the 7 is important, I mean it is certainly the most popular number. Its better than playing all light side only. It is similar to the way I play. The table heat dictates which of 4 strategies I play now. The DC is definitely utilized. Good video, nicely done.

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