Simply Craps Honk the Horn Strategy

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This is a low stakes strategy for your next craps session.

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Simply Craps Honk the Horn Strategy

7 thoughts on “Simply Craps Honk the Horn Strategy

  1. I hit a 100 dollar 12… $2900 I love the horn take $1000 play aggressive horn 5 times 50 on 2, 3, 11, 12 each time 5 runs good luck

  2. You have no clue To the game of craps it does not come out all the time ,and the house edge is great and it’s 4$ not 5 $ ,what a stupid system

  3. What an amazing video!!! Just started playing & I LOVE this game. New subscriber🖕2👍👍up guys.. Please tell me how to get this game or the simulator you were using during this tutorial. Nice video, I look forward to seeing more on craps 🎲

  4. You're not financing your horn, hour just winning $5 less eveytime you hit a number. I only bet the horn on the come out roll and I bet high on the aces. It serves as more of a crap check, but you get paid better.

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