CRUSHING $500NL with BBZPoker’s Head Coach Jordan Drummond

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Jordan Drummond’s work with new BBZPoker cash game coach Wey “CRAIBaby” Xie is paying off, and he’s taking once again taking to the $500NL poker tables. Enjoy the highlights from this cash game poker stream and click below to learn more about CRAI!⬇

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BBZ Poker is one of online poker’s most trusted training and highly-regarded resources. Led by Head Coach Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond, BBZPoker coaches some of the best players in the world to compete in today’s game.

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CRUSHING $500NL with BBZPoker’s Head Coach Jordan Drummond

7 thoughts on “CRUSHING $500NL with BBZPoker’s Head Coach Jordan Drummond

  1. Very Nice more please bro you made zoom 500 look easy there im at 50/100 nl atm for a decent clip
    200 nl is my next big jump for me 😎 ggz bro 🤟 you rock

  2. Where can i check results of a player on zoom?? And at normal cash games ?? I know sharkscope and Poker Pro Labs but that is only for tournaments right??

  3. Bbz really is the 🐐 no one doing it better then team bbz right now ❗️🙏🏼

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