THE TAKE DOWN- $15 Table – Great strategy for beginners. Easy strategy to play. High risk strategy

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THE TAKE DOWN- $15 Table – Great strategy for beginners.  Easy strategy to play.  High risk strategy

10 thoughts on “THE TAKE DOWN- $15 Table – Great strategy for beginners. Easy strategy to play. High risk strategy

  1. Thanks for showing a strategy that pulls the place bet after a win. Not as y as the pressing strategies, but your chips going to the rail leads to profits. I'm a big fan.

    A variation I used to play was this: $96 across, off on all come-outs. Any place win, the winning number comes down and bet a $15 DC. Any non-winning number rolled, bet $15 in the Come (use Pass/DP just like Come/DC). I used no odds on either side, and played till the seven out. It needs a warm table (few early 7's) and you'll be in the action. Fun to play for beginners

  2. @Let it Roll , I bet you’re a wrestler huh! Only a wrestler would use real wrestling photo for that thumbnail. (I’m a wrestler too). Most people would use “pro-wrestling” when thinking of a takedown or wrestling in general. LOL! Just thought I’d ask.

  3. Like the strategy. I've been playing something similar with decent results. Start with $220 inside and i drop the number and it's sister number down by half. so if 5 hits it pays $70 and i take the 5 and 9 down from $50 to $25 each. Same with 6 and 8, from $60 to $30 each. It can be played with any amount inside to start as long as you can reduce down twice on any combo of numbers. And you can take it all down or keep it at minimum and start to press it back up so you stay in the game in case a hot shooter gets on a roll. $220 works for me on the east coast if i can find a $15 table…i will be tuning in tomorrow for sure!

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