I Can’t Win at Poker!

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Learn how to have the mental fortitude you need to crush it at poker. Inspired by an email I got from one of my readers, I lay down the hammer in this video and show you three ways to overcome losing streaks and bad beats. Which tip was your favorite? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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I also pick hands which are sent to me from readers like yourself to give you actual feedback on your specific questions.

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I Can’t Win at Poker!

10 thoughts on “I Can’t Win at Poker!

  1. Dear Alec – thanks so much for your spiritualizing of poker.  By the way I have been trying to figure out what poker stands for?  Please oh-kay, everybody relax?  Perhaps only karma eternally reigns?  What do you think poker is an abbreviation for?  Thanks love Russell

  2. Been playing poker for 16 years online off & on and I still dont understand variance because things still surprise me. I'm a winning player in Tournaments over many sites and I love playing tournaments on ACR but I swear their cash games their RNG rigged in order to get max rake on average to get back the 18 million lost in tournament overlays last year. To some who dont play on there it seems like ok this guy must be new and bad but in reality I fully understand variance BUT I'm either not cut right for cash games or variance in cash games is way higher than we all think. It is completely normal to lose 50 buy ins in a cash game over time before you start winning because of variance but when does it mathematically not make sense to take so many bad beats over and over in cash games? I'm talking I got all in on flop more then 10 times in 2 weeks and all 10 times the opponent was drawing so close to dead they were no more than 5% to win in Holdem or PLO. EVen when I take less variance routes it still happens for example. I had KK pre raised got 3 bet and normally would just shove here pre but ACR's variance seems to be so high I decided to take the less variant route and just call the 3bet OOP. Flop comes KQ5 rainbow. We get all in on the flop and the guy has AQ off suit so middle pair top kicker. He was a 2.02% chance to win on flop and goes runner runner A A to win. Next day PLO have AA24 single suit vs a guy who had A583 3bet pre etc flop comes A54 rainbow we get all in on flop and literally goes runner runner 5 5 to win for quads! Tournaments are different right because you dont lose a bunch of cash every time you get outdrawn. The craziest bad happens. I said I wasn't going to play cash games since I'm a winning player in tournaments over 5 sites over the past decade but on ACR even though I shouldnt be I'am a losing cash game player. So I decided 2 weeks ago to start playing again and once I was reminded how bad players were I had to play especially plo where the donkfest is real. I truly believe Cash Games are just harder to maintain over time with Rake & variance but in saying that I want to play and be a winner but it's clearly messing with my mind very badly. It all began when I started playing poker again after taking time off so I started playing Tournaments making deep runs final tables etc. Got 7th in a bigger tourney and I shouldnt of but I went and played plo and literally from the first table I sat at it was just one bad beat after another time after time getting my money in ahead of everyone. I lost $200 playing 10 cent 25 cent and some 50PLO and straight getting loveed. I literally didnt get it in bad 1 time in those 2 weeks and literally since then I have been losing. It's not affecting my tourney play at all since I have been trying to perfect that for over a decade but it has affected the fact I don't get to play in tourneys all the time because I keep trying to chase my losses. I'm in a weird spot being a veteran of poker not winning at cash games. I have noticed once I take multiple bad beats in a day in cash games it really effects me emotionally even if it's in reality not alot of money. These has made me literally quit poker many times and this time I was just going to play tounraments because it makes me happy and I believe tournaments field will always be extremely weak up to certain buy ins. Should I give up Cash Games and keep pumping money into it or should I take the losses not worry about my cash game stats and continue doing what I'm best at and stop playing Cash Games? I truly enjoy playing PLO Cash Games also at leadt more than NLH cash games. PLO is very profitable but the swings are insane and 99% of plo players are playing way above their bankroll and arent playing with 80 buy ins in their account. So i'm torn and have been. All of this added in with people like Joey Ingram showing proof that Americas Cardroom is rigged for cash games and they have bots playing. When I see that then know what I have been going through and it doesnt seem natural it starts making me wonder what is going on and if its me or he is right and you have next to no chance of winning in cash games. IDK what to do sorry its long but its truth I need some help. If anyone knows anything more about what Joey said please comment here. It would be nice to know that I was right and they are or have been up to something. Thanks for your time and please be nice I never do this but it's time to tell what Im going through.

  3. this is a good video but it only made me more frustrated. I'm going through a particularly bad stretch of poker lately, and I'm losing to being unlucky. It's not good luck when your 70, 80, or 90 percent hand holds up, it's normal, but it IS bad luck when you lose those hands. It's not equal footing. So Alec says when I get in a four hundred big blind pot as an 83% favorite on the flop and lose I need to take accountability for that? How dare I ever get it in as a big favorite, shame on me! I suck!

  4. And then he goes on to say that we're lucky for being born into a good country or situation. But shouldn't we not be victims if we're in that situation and get ourselves out of it? Which is it? It's like saying "hey it could be worse so don't ever be unhappy cuz it could be worse" and talks about being realistic?

  5. I liked this video, very good ideas to think about. I've gotten wrecked my last three sessions and feel like I don't know anything.

  6. Bad beats are tough and can crush your soul. But those players are your advantage! Over the long run, those bad players will build your bankroll. Over the short term they will suck out… and that's why they are there, they love the thrill of 9-2 beating A-A on the river. Casino's live in the world of odds, they built towns like Las Vegas knowing the long term odds are in their favor. The gamblers will win only in the short term, that keeps them coming back. Be a casino, not a gambler.

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