THREE DOLLAR CRAPS BASIC – How to Play & How to Press

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THREE DOLLAR CRAPS BASIC – How to Play & How to Press

9 thoughts on “THREE DOLLAR CRAPS BASIC – How to Play & How to Press

  1. I'm a low-bankroll kind of guy. But interestingly, one of my most profitable nights was the only time I was able to squeeze on to a $3 table on Fremont (don't remember the casino). Bought in with $100, and walked away recouping all of my losses from other table games from the entire trip!

  2. This is definitely my type of game, but I would add that I haven’t seen many $3 games that use 3/4/5 odds. I can only think tables at places that already allow 10x or 20x odds.

  3. This table made the place bet payoffs even worse. Its better off just playing them at a unit each. Nice on the pass line and don'ts though.

  4. About 10 years ago walking through the bellagio a dice dealer called me over to teach me how to play craps. I put down $20, turned that into $100. I came back the next day and gave about half the winnings back, but it was a lot of fun. Glad to find this video so I can relearn since I forgot lol

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